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How big are the 1/24 scale cars?

The 1/24 scale diecast measures about 8 1/2"long and 3 1/4"wide. They weight about 2 lbs.


I am new to diecast collecting. What should I collect?

You should collect what you love. If your favorite driver is Mark Martin, I would collect Mark Martin Diecast. If you are a Chevy fan, I would collect the Chevy diecast regardless of the driver. If you are just a plain NASCAR freak, I would collect what you think is cool. Since you are probably new to collecting if you are reading this I would start with the current year diecast. The current year diecast will probably the easiest to get your hands on. The real fun in collecting is going back to find all the diecast that were released in the past. If you decide to collect Jimmie Johnson diecast, Jimmie has been racing in the Cup series since 2001. Right now, that�s seven years of diecast you get to go back and find to add to your collection. That is what makes being a collector a real hobby. You can make great friends and contacts all over the world during your search to add items to your collection.


I see some cars produced by Motorsports Authentics and others say Action or MA. What is the difference?

Motorsports Authentics is the new company that was created in 2006 by the merger of two diecast companies. The two companies were Action Performance and Team Caliber. One of the merger companies, Action Performance basically created the entire diecast collectable market over 10 years ago. What Motorsports Authentics decided to do in 2008 was bring back the "Action" name. Collectors became so familiar with the Action brand Motorsports Authentics decided bringing back the Action name would ease some confusion in the market. Not to add any confusion but you may also see the name "ARC" which simply stands for Action Racing Collectable. So basically all these names mean the same thing. Whether you see MA, Action, Motorsports Authentics or ARC you will be getting a high quality diecast for your collection. Motorsports Authentics is also known by their initials "MA".


What is CFS?

CFS stands for Checkered Flag Sports. Checkered Flag Sports started in 2007 and they produce two series of diecast. They produce the Champion Series diecast and the Contender Series diecast. CFS offers a quality diecast and has already become a top choice for collectors. Here is a breakdown on the two different CFS series of diecast:

Champion Series: The Champion Series diecast is their top of the line diecast with opening hood and truck, working roof flaps and highly detailed interior. This is a highly detailed car and is individually numbered.

Contender Series: The Contender Series diecast is a lower cost diecast with opening hood only. This car is not as detailed as the Champion Series diecast. This is a very good diecast for the price. The Contender Series diecast is a good series for collectors that do not want to invest in the Champion Series.


How come some cars are $65, $29 or even $99? What is the difference?

The cost difference is mainly due to the different manufacturers of the diecast. When it comes to price, like anything you get what you pay for. The $29 cars are less detailed and usually have a higher production number. The $65 cars are your standard version diecast with excellent detail and pretty low production numbers. The $99 cars are very detailed and have very low production numbers. When it comes to collection it's up to you to decide what you want to spend. If you can afford to add all $99 cars to your collection, that�s great. If you can only afford to add the $29 cars to your collection, that�s fine as well.

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Should I keep the box the car comes in?

Yes, the box the car comes in is just important as the car. You always want to keep both the car and the box in mint condition. Whether you plan to keep your collection or sell your collection it is important to keep everything in excellent condition. Whether you keep the car in the box is up to you.


Are there better cars to collect? i.e. Nationwide, Sprint or NHRA.

When it comes to collecting, it�s up to you. Collect what you want. If you are a truck series fan collect the trucks. If you are an NHRA fan, collect the NHRA cars. As long as you collect what you like you cannot go wrong.

When it comes to collecting a diecast with a low production number is better than a diecast will a high production number. Example, In 2007, Action produced 70,000 Dale Earnhardt Jr #8 Budweiser 1/24 scale cars. On the other hand, Action produced 720 Joey Logano #20 Joe Gibbs Racing Oil Busch East 1/24 scale cars. Both cars were no longer available through dealers by year end but the Joey Logano diecast is a more desirable diecast due to the low production number.


Are the diecast cars sold here at The Sunday Hauler the same as the cars I see at trackside or other diecast dealers?

For the most part yes. The standard version of diecast produced by Action is called the Driver Select Series of diecast. The Driver Select Series are sold through all of the Authorized Motorsports Authentic Dealers and at the trackside trailers at each race.

The Driver Select Series of diecast is the standard diecast produced by Action. They have opening hood, opening trunk, and working roof flaps and possible steering. These cars are very detailed and are pretty much an exact replica of the cars you see on the track.


The dirt cars are produced by ADC & R&R. Who are they?

ADC stands for American Diecast Company. They are known as The Dirt Car People. ADC produces most if not all of the Dirt Late Model and Dirt Modified diecasts. They produce a top of the line diecast and a favorite among dirt car fans. R&R is the producer of both Sprint and Midget diecast. R&R produces both a 1/18 and 1/25 scale of diecast. R&R offers a highly detailed version of the World of Outlaws Sprint cars.


How do I display my collection?

You want to display your collection in a way that will protect your diecast from dust, scratches and sunlight. The best choice would be to place your diecast in a curio cabinet or display case. Preferably you want to put your diecast in a cabinet or case that can be closed to prevent dust from getting in.


What about Signed or Autographed cars?

When it comes to cars that are signed by drivers you need to be careful. Obviously a diecast signed by a driver is worth something. You want to be sure that the autograph is authentic. The best way to guarantee that is to make sure the car comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity or a "COA". The COA is always inserted in the box and states the car has been officially signed by the driver. You should be leery of diecast that are signed but to not come with a COA. Its better to be safe than sorry since the cost is usually pretty high for an autographed diecast.


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I see Winner Circle NASCAR diecast cars at Wal-Mart & Target for $20. Why are your cars more expensive?

The Winner Circle brand is the mass marketed version of Motorsports Authentics. The Winner Circle version cars are a lot less detailed and have no limit to the numbers that are produced. The Winner Circle cars do not have much value but are great cars for kids who want a diecast car of their favorite driver.


I have seen the diecast offered from RCCA. What is RCCA?

RCCA stands for Racing Collectors Club of America. The RCCA is a collectors club and once you join, for a fee, you have access to the Owners Elite Series of Action diecast. The Owners Elite Series diecast is Actions top of the line diecast. These cars a very detailed, a bit more so than the Driver Select Series of diecast. The main difference between the Owners Elite Series and the Driver Select Series are the total production numbers. The total production numbers on the Owners Elite Series diecast are very limited. For example, take a special paint scheme driven by Jeff Gordon. The Driver Select Series of diecast may have a total production run of 8,024 pieces. The Owners Elite Series of diecast may have a total production run of 1,024. Just like any collectable, anything with a low production run makes for a more desirable collectable. The average cost of an Owners Elite Series diecast is $100.00.


How much will my collection be worth down the road?

That is a very good question and a hard one to answer. You should collect diecast for the love of collecting not as a retirement plan. Like anything you collect some diecast hold their value while others either decrease or increase in price. It's hard to say what items in your collection will be worth in the future. After years of collecting you collect car that have meaning to you its likely you will not want to part with you collection, you will want to pass your collection to the next generation.


What does a "raced version" diecast look like?

Raced Version diecast are something a little different from you standard version diecast. The raced version diecast replicates a race winner car as it appeared in victory lane. During any race drivers may scrap the wall or rub against another car. During pit stops tap is added or taken off the car, all of this detail is captured on a raced version diecast. Sometimes confetti is used in victory lane and covers the car. In some cases a raced version diecast comes with the confetti on the car. If you are lucky the driver may tear up the rear tire during the victory burnout. The raced version may come with a torn up rear tire as well as any other markings on the car received during the race.


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